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Lou Rambeau


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I am currently accepting commissions for original pottery works. We will work together to create an appropriate budget based on your desired size, amount of detail, etc.. for your piece. Pricing depends on each individual commission and commissions typically take at least 4 weeks to be ready. The benefits of commissioning a local artist include taking part in the creation process by choosing the color, size, shape, design, engravings, etc.. for your vessel, giving back to your local community, and having a one-of-a-kind piece! Additionally, my craft is rooted in spirituality practices. All my pieces are manifested with purified energy and charged with intent. Commissions can be pretty much anything - whether functional (mugs, plates, vases, bowls, platters, planters, gardening pots) or aesthetic (sculptures, signs).

I also sell prints of my original paintings.


  • Pottery Commissions - Varies per each commission

  • Pottery - Varies per piece

  • Prints - $15


Awarded the Nell Pomeroy O’Brien Art Award by Tulane University’s Art Department

Pop Up Artist at Potence Collective

Showcased artist in Amber Rose's 2016 SlutWalk Art Gallery

Featured interviewee on ABC Television's WGNO "News With A Twist" program

Featured interviewee on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation's radio show


Get to know me 

Hey, it's Lou. I'm an artist currently located in New Orleans. I first started resonating with life as a creative when I was 15. My beginning ventures revolved around discussing real topics like chronic illness and sexual assault. My recognition started to pick up once one of my pieces reached over 51,000 likes. After that piece, I was invited to be on international radio, television, etc... Currently, I enjoy ceramic art, painting, writing, and more. My art is deeply rooted in my spirituality. I often practice with the moon cycle and other magical elements in my art craft. Some of my goals for this site are to sell my art and connect with other like-minded people. I’m always open to meeting other creatives and sharing our crafts.


Available Prints



Email: mrambeau@lourambeau.com 
Instagram: @lourambeau
Location: New Orleans, LA.

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