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Hey, it's Lou. I'm a 19 year-old creative currently located in New Orleans . This is the part where I give you some insight into who I am so stop reading now if you don't care. I first started resonating with life as a creative when I was 15. My beginning ventures revolved around discussing real topics like chronic illness and sexual assault. My recognition started to pick up once one of my pieces reached over 51,000 likes. After that piece, I was invited to be on national radio, television, etc... Four years later and I've all but ditched that part of my life behind. My art has morphed into an entirely different form. I enjoy ceramic art, painting, a little bit of photography, writing, and more. Some of my goals for this site are to sell art, connect with other like-minded people, and showcase my mad skillz in the hopes someone finds my art semi-interesting. Or whatever.



Intern for Project Consent

Featured interviewee on ABC Telvesion's WGNO "News With A Twist" program

Showcased artist in Amber Rose's 2016 SlutWalk

Featured interviewee on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation's radio show "Out In The Open"

Contributor for The Mighty

Contributor for Buddy Project

Contributor for One Love Foundation

Paid contributor for OC87 Recovery Diaries






Email: mrambeau@lourambeau.com 
Twitter + Instagram: @lourambeau
Location: New orleans, la.